Red Wines
Red wine has been important since the very start of our family business. In the late 1980’s, we made our first attempts with 300-litre barrels ("Styrian" barriques), as a consequence of which we decided only to use wood from our own forests in Kapfenstein in future, and not from France or America. 

After the first few years, it became apparent that this very new style had a real appeal in Austria. The Olivin, a Blauer Zweigelt varietal, matured for 18 months in Kapfenstein oak, was the product of that, and also the reason why today’s winery consists of 50% red wines. 

Except for the Blauer Zweigelt, all red wines are allowed to mature for 18 months in a barrique. The Blauer Zweigelt matures over this same time period in a wooden barrel with a volume of 2,000 or 3,000 litres. Merlot and Blauer Zweigelt are the main varieties.